I’ll be home for Christmas…

Given that it’s the most wonderful time of the year, what else could I base this week’s blog post on, other than Christmas time! I would like to apologise in advance for what is about to happen… To all of the Scrooges among us and to anyone who doesn’t like Christmas music, you should probably stop reading this now!

Indeed, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas here in Logroño. Almost every street in the city has been decorated with Christmas lights which actually make the usually hideous and much bemoaned concrete jungle of mostly 1960’s tower blocks look quite beautiful. It’s like walking in a winter wonderland at the moment – shame they can’t leave them up all year!


Despite the fact that Christmas is all around us as soon as it gets dark here, I’ve not been feeling my usual festive self.  Last Christmas, and each one before it, I’ve been ever the (probably quite irritating) Christmas enthusiast, reminding everyone that “It’s Chriiiiistmas!” to check (do) they know it’s Christmas, just in case they haven’t heard it from Noddy Holder enough times already! Usually, I wish it could be Christmas every day but this year, probably because I’m away from home, it still doesn’t really feel like Christmas at all yet.

This lack of festive feeling remains despite a feast of merriment that would have the mean one, Mr Grinch cowering in his mountain cave. Getting up in the morning is easier this month because I have my advent calendar just out of reach of my bed (yes, I am twenty) and I’ve already watched Love Actually, Home Alone, Elf and the Holiday (twice.) I’ve jingle bell rock-ed at an ice-disco with these lovely lot,

and had an amazing Christmas dinner with them.


Secret Santa Baby was very kind to me

and I’ve done my fair share of Christmas wrapping myself, making a pass the parcel for each of my classes.

This brings me to a suitable point to tell you about my faux-pas of the week (yes, another one!). I was asked if I wanted  a coffee, and I thought too hard about my response. I was thinking “Yes, I have an empty slot in my timetable” but this is quite a difficult sentence to produce in Spanish, so I wanted to go with “Yes, I’m free.” Instead, what came out was an awful amalgamation of the two; “Yes, I’m empty.” The shame.

Step(ping back) into Christmas, I’ve visited Logroño’s not-much-less-than-life-sized model Belén/Bethlehem, which quite frankly puts last week’s nativity scenes to shame! I didn’t have a camera with me so I’ve shamelessly used these pictures from google.

My intercambio partner tells me that in previous years there were animals and water features but they’re not here this year because of the economic crisis and because a little donkey once escaped.

I’m just going to wrap up to go and meet her because Baby, it’s cold outside on this cold December night. Before I go, I’d like to wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year. Santa Claus is coming to town with Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer soon, and I hope you’re all on his good-list. On Saturday I’ll be driving home for Christmas (actually, I’ll be flying the 2000-ish miles), so I won’t be posting for the next couple of weeks.

Merry Xmas everybody/ Feliz Navidad!


2 thoughts on “I’ll be home for Christmas…

  1. Excellent read Madds. Shame you couldn’t slot in some lyrics from Fairy Tale of New York . . .”You scum bag. You maggot . . . ” etc. They certainly don’t write them like they used to!

  2. What horrible person wrote that reply . We thought it was great, roll on the blogs for 2014 LOL
    Nana and Grandpa.

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