Not-so-sunny San Sebastian

In true British spirit, I’m opening with the weather! I’m not sure if it’s reflecting or affecting my mood this week …probably a bit of both! As you’re about to see in the following photos, it’s a pretty grey week in Northern Spain, and I’ve been feeling pretty grey too. It was always going to be a bit drab compared with last week’s living it up in Valencia but some flat issues and another quick bout of homesickness have left me a bit low, so I’ve been trying to keep busy and pick myself up! Sorry to bore you all with the less than cheerful and entertaining parts of life, but I promised myself and you all that I’d be honest.

Since I didn’t get much/any time to plan my classes last weekend (not a complaint!), I spent quite a bit of the time between my classes thinking of activities, rather than socialising and drinking too much coffee in the cafe – perhaps another reason I’ve not been feeling so bright! But on Wednesday evening I had a really fun night out with some of the other teachers and friends, ending with karaoke and a final feliz/happy ending …not what you think:

ImageA final muy feliz!

This weekend I escaped a rainy Logroño once again to go to an even rainier San Sebastian! I retract last week’s statement that I’m always prepared for everything, as I stupidly arrived without an umbrella – which are very much in fashion there!


Image…His looks big enough to share!

San Sebastian is a famously beautiful seaside town on the Basque coast, and I’m sure it was beautiful but I wasn’t able to see that much of it through squinting eyes and the rain! I’ll have to visit again on a nicer day, although given that the town has 280 days of precipitation per year, that day could be a long time coming!

Jokes aside, between diving from shop to cafe to shop again, really I was able to appreciate the pretty town. The beautiful old buildings, fountains and tree-lined streets are, again, more like what I expected and hoped to come to when I found out I’d be living in northern Spain.


During a lesson on stereotypes a few weeks ago, the children told me that the Basque people are typically very strong and proud as well as, perhaps less desirably, closed and rude. Having already visited Laguardia and Bilbao without encountering such people, I ignored this and went to San Sebastian with an open mind. However, we found the people in the shops less than helpful, and the lady who served us lunch was almost dismissive – we had to fight for her attention! These incredible prawns in garlic oil definitely made up for the service somewhat:

Image…Apologies to everyone I spent the rest of the day with!

San Sebastian is particularly famous for having a beautiful beach, so we decided to put on our brave faces… image (41)

….to see it, since we’d gone all the way there! But this was as close as we could get, given the weather!

image (38)loving life

image (39) Although, thanks to a little help from instagram, you can definitely see the beauty in it!


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