Home, sweet home

Hola a todos! It’s been a couple of weeks since my last blog because I’ve been lucky enough to bag an extra week off work and, thanks to cheap last-minute Ryanair flights, I got to spend this time at home! I didn’t write a blog post last week because I didn’t think I had much to tell you all about other than my beautiful reunion with trains, carpets and Robinson’s, and who’d really want to read about that! In hindsight, however, I did have a really busy time at home!  Rather than returning feeling refreshed, I’m absolutely exhausted and have lots to catch up on – so apologies (or, perhaps, you’re welcome!) for the lateness and shortness of this post!  Ah well, it’s well worth it and only a week until the Easter break! (Not another one! – Yes I do work hard …sometimes!)

I flew home from Zaragoza, a city I hadn’t yet visited. I was hoping to travel to Zaragoza early in the morning and see the city before catching my flight, so perhaps I might this blog post have been based on that …had the bus scheduled to take me into the city and then on to the airport turned up! As it was, I had to spend the hour I should have spent sightseeing waiting for another bus, which eventually did come and took me to the airport  via the outskirts of the city. You might have imagined that this was the scenic route but no, it was like riding through a horrible 80s-built concrete jungle in Tatooine. There’s beauty in everything but I was tired and stressed by this point, so not really in the mood to see it!

photo 3 (1)

Perhaps Zaragoza deserves another chance, but I’m not really in a hurry to go back again soon!

My bonus-week off work really couldn’t have fallen at a better time for me. It coincided a ball…

photo 3

…and one of my best friends’ 21st…

photo 4 You’re never too old for cake and candles! (Hint hint!)

…and Mothers’ Day (in the UK; it’s celebrated in May here in Spain!) so it was great that I got to celebrate with my lovely Mum in person! This is actually better than I’ve managed for the last two years when I’ve been at uni and living in the UK!

photo 5

My week home became a full tour of the North and Midlands; I visited my grandparents and met my cousin’s super-cute puppy (get ready for a big dose of cuteness!), which may well have been abducted and brought back to Spain if only he were old enough! I also distracted my uni friends from their revision schedules for an evening, and reminded myself of how lucky I am work-wise this year and how much I’m not looking forward to finals!

photo 1 (1)photo 2 (2)


I’m now back in La Rioja, and as I always do when I get back here after a visit home, I’m not feeling myself. I blame the time difference …it might only be an hour, but it’s an important hour! Getting up at 7am doesn’t seem so bad usually, but it does when it feels like it’s 6am like it is in England. Likewise, the difference at night seems big too; 11pm is a late-ish night, but then it’s only 10pm in England, which is early! On the plus side, this has meant that I have, believe it or not, actually appreciated the much-bemoaned (sorry!) siesta this week!

Faux-pas of the week: I may not have been in Spain much recently but there’s been enough time for a faux-pas. A colleague and friend sent a message to his group of friends asking if any chonis fancied “Chonicafe.” Quite often I don’t reply to messages because I still find the slang and text language quite difficult, but this time I was feeling (too) confident and so although I only understood the end – cafe (coffee), I replied that I was keen. It turns out that Chonicafe has nothing to do with coffee but is infact a really embarrassing and quite tragic dating show and that chonis are the people who appear on it! I’m glad I was in England and didn’t have to show my face round here for a while after that one!


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