Un mes más…

I’m now back in Spain after a(nother!) lovely break at home. It was great to really relax and spend some time with family and friends, a lot of whom were at home from uni or working away for the holiday. I had a really great week catching up with them, celebrating my little brother’s birthday, and cheering on York City to a play off place!

I love England and of course I’m glad I spent Easter there, but I do find trips home quite unsettling. I’m not at all unhappy living in Spain, but when I get back to England I forget that I’m contenta and settled here now. I’m reminded of things I forget to miss when I’m here!  It’s not just the people and carpets and the Robinsons squash (though I have lugged two big bottles back with me!) and it’s not just understanding every word on the radio or being served a proper cup of tea! It’s also cider and the Yorkshire accent and lush grass!

I’m from a really small town where everyone knows each other, and when I was younger I couldn’t wait to escape and have some privacy and anonymity. It’s a similar situation in Nottingham; the student community is close and you can play 6 degrees of separation. Now, I’m a very little fish in Logroño’s pond, and I really miss the care and familiarity (and the gossip) from home! The grass is always greener!

Wednesday was 30th April and marked the start of my last month here! Those of you who read my blog from the very beginning (thank you!) and saw my second ever post might be surprised that I’ve made it this far after such a rocky start. I spent a lot of time before Christmas feeling unsettled and a bit homesick and a lot of time after Christmas feeling sad about things that have nothing to do with my being here, and I’m a little bit ashamed of that now. I’m really fortunate to have had the opportunity to live and work in Spain this year, and whilst I think I’ve made the most of it -I’ve travelled and met different people and experienced and learned far more than I expected to, I don’t think I’ve always appreciated how lucky I am. Other than prepping classes and turning up to work to give them, and a minimal amount of uni work, I have very few commitments here. I doubt I’ll ever have so much freedom again, so I’m determined to live it up in my last month here!


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