World cup madness

Hallo aus Deutschland! Since I last blogged and as I’m sure you all know, the world cup has kicked-off! According to my reliable source in the UK (my Dad), there isn’t the usual madness at home this year. As Gary Lineker said before our first match, “Expectattions are low!”  This is not the case in Germany; the Germans have high hopes this year and, football fan or not, there’s no avoiding the Weltmeisterschaft!

The German colours are absolutely everywhere.

pic3 She definitely caught me taking this picture!

They’re on houses:


This family don’t want to commit their support too early!


But there’s no doubt as to which team this household’s supporting!

They’re on cars:


…And not just the sport-shops but all types of Laden!

pic9There seems to be a bit of a World-cup themed window display competition at my top-shops. This one is the butchers; it was so sunny (not rubbing it in-honest) that there is so much reflection that you can hardly see, but this is a life-size football fan tending to his barbecue! 

I can’t even eat a biscuit without learning the name and number of a German player and I’m starting a sticker collection because they come free inside my Hanuta packets. It’s not just biscuits, but chocolate bars and crisps too. Kinder even has a new limited edition range of chocolates in the form of the German footballers! I’m not too sure whether junk food promoting sport is ironic, or if it’s good that it’s advertising exercise!

It’s not just the German team’s matches but all the matches that people are interested in.

pic 6 “ALL World Cup games live”

Away from football now, I’ve already completed my first week at work! The work is varied and the topics are interesting, but working in an office is, of course, very different to teaching and I’m really missing moving around and interacting with people. However, it is really nice to come home and put my feet up, without having to plan! I finish work at half past four every day so I have a lot of free time in the evenings, which is lovely.

I’ve been using this free time to explore the city a bit more. Since the weather has been so nice, I’ve spent a lot of my time sunbathing in the park in the centre of town. Now I’ve got a bit of a tan, I’m determined to keep it!I’ve also met a lot of new people and I’ve already discovered some of Stuttgart’s best secrets! On Wednesday evening I went to a bar which has different free live music each week. This week’s band played quite soothing blues/folksy music which suited my Wednesday night mood perfectly!


On Friday, I went out and found myself at a rooftop bar with a beach theme! It was dark but the views of the lights across the city were beautiful and it was fun but a bit strange to be on a “beach,” complete with deckchairs, parasols and sand, in the south of Germany!


Faux-pas of the week: My faux-pas  is particularly embarrassing this week because it’s something we learned to avoid when we very first started learning German! I was invited out for a coffee at “Halb neun/half nine.” In English when we say half 9, we mean half past nine. However, when the Germans say it, they mean half to nine. You’ve already guessed it; i turned up at the cafe almost an hour late! Thank goodness the person was really nice and understanding about it!

I’m going out now with my housemate to join in the madness and watch Germany play football! Bis gleich!


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