Hallo from Stuttgart! I’m giving myself a big pat on the back for getting a blog post done on time for once! I’ve had another hectic couple of weeks here in Hermany and will has another few to come, since I’ve got visitors over the next two weekends. Jon and Kim, I’m really excited to see you! 


My my enthusiasm for work comes in waves. We’ve just finished a 7000 word translation project, which was interesting to start with but which, more than a week later, I’m so relieved to see the back of! Relief is always short-lived; there’ll be something else for me to get stuck into tomorrow!! That’s all on work because I’m sure it’s not that interestig for you all, and I’d much rather relive my weekends!!


This weekend I was visited by my lovely friend Emily.. Em lives in Mainz (you might remember I went there a few weeks ago) and has been there for about 6 months so, since Stuttgart is one of the nearest big cities, she’s already been here a couple of times. Since she’d seen most of Stuttgart’s sights already, we decided to go and explore a new town, Tuebingen.


Tuebingen is also in Baden-Wurttemberg, the same “Bundesland” (federal state) as Stuttgart. There’s a really good deal here which let’s you travel on any train in the area for a day for a relatively small price, so we took advantage of that.


Tuebingen is a really pretty traditional student town. Normally, 1/3 of the population are students, so we were expecting it to be quite quiet but I think all of the missing students were replaced by tourists!!

We walked all the way up the hill to the castle, no mean feat in 35degree weather, which is now part of the uni. It was definitely worth it for some beautiful views over the town. We had lunch at a traditional Brauhaus, where I sampled my first Maultaschen, a traditional Schwabisch food. They are essentially slightly soggy sausage rolls, although that makes them sound less nice than they are!! In the Brauhaus we bumped into another course mate from uni who also happened to be visiting Tuebingen for the day… It’s such a small world!! We all went on a gondola punting boat on the river, which only cost us 5euro for an hour!! What a rip off punting in Cambridge is zzzalthough I would have gladly paid another 5 euros not to have to hear the guide’s rendition of a traditional Schwabisch song!  

This Sunday saw the end of the Sommerfest in the area. Last weekend Emily and I went to the events in Stuttgart – the whole of the park was covered in tents and there was live music, cocktails and CURRY!! (Have I mentioned that I miss curry!?) This last weekend, there was a firework competition “Flammende-sterne” in Scharnhauser Park, one of the suburbs here. Over three days, three nations (this year Germany, Dubai and Costa Rica) put on a display each night. I went to watch on the Friday and Sunday night, and they were definitely some of the best I’ve ever seen!! 


Pictures to be added to this post at a later date! My laptop is broken at the moment so I’m posting this from my phone, and even a single photo upload takes forever!  




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