Visitors welcome!

Hallo, long time, no blog(again)! I’ve had three visitors over the last two weeks, so I haven’t has much time to myself to write a post. That sounds a bit negative but it’s absolutely not meant to be; it’s been really lovely spending time with family and friends!


imageAbout two weeks ago now, my brother Jon came to Stuggi and brought the lovely English weather with him! despite the weather, we still had a great time and fit loads in. While it rained, we went to the Mercedes Benz museum and the planetarium (where a certain someone- Jon- fell asleep!) and we managed a quick trip to nearby Heidelberg while the sun came out briefly! During his visit, Jon are his first Currywurst (and then another one!), drank his first banana beer and, as a fellow German student, spoke his first words of German with a native speaker! 

Not long after Jon left, my friend Kim arrived. Fortunately, she didn’t also bring bad weather and we were able to visit the mineral baths. Stuttgart is built on a mineral water source, and the water is pumped up so you can swim in it. It was lovely, if a little chilly, and if the German tradition of sunbathing topless (or entirely nude) tested our British stiff upper lips! (No, we didn’t partake!) I continued my car education when we went to te Porsche museum, though we were most excited by the bright coloured ones and the ones you could sit in, which shows how much I know about cars! Kim’s visit also coincided with Stuttgart’s wine festival. Imagine a German Christmas market, but dedicated only to wine. It was great, although we got some dirty looks for ordering Rose and not Rheinland White! 

The day after Kim left, my course-mate Lucy came to stay for a few days on her way home, as she’s now finished her year abroad. It’s funny that, not being very enthusiastic to start my year abroad this time last year, I’m one of the ones staying the longest! Sadly, I had to go to work on both of the days Lucy was here, but it was nice to sped the evenings with her – the one we accidentally spent in an underground bar listening to some kind of bizarre live electro-folk misic isn’t one I’ll be able to forget soon (or probably ever repeat)!

i can’t think of any other major faux-pas’ this week, other that assuming that ‘geil’ as someone called Kim and me in a bar was a compliment. I’ve since found out that it is, but a pretty rude one! I’ll leave you with the embarrassing fact that after visiting two car museums over the last two weekends and gettig an A in a level physics, I still have no idea how cars work!






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