I’m Madeleine, but lots of people know me as Maddie or Mads. The children at the school I’m working in struggle to pronounce and of these, so I’m becomging used to being called “Mad-er-leen!”

I’ve just upped my life (end of Sept, 2013) and moved to La Rioja, Spain, where I’m working as an auxiliar de conversacion/ language assistant. This is part of my year abroad; I’m in my 3rd year of my German and Spanish degree at the University of Nottingham. In June I’ll be upping sticks yet again to intern for a legal aid charity in Stuttgart.

I hate describing myself, but I like baking, being outdoors and tea. I hate being late, so I suppose all this makes me quite typically British!  Other people tell me I’m cheerful, friendly and independent, so I’m really surprised that I’ve felt homesick and found it quite hard to settle. I’m writing this blog each week to let all of you, my lovely family and friends (and anyone else who stumbles across it – welcome to you! ) how I’m adapting to living abroad.



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